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Monday – Wednesdays:

Only for delivery through GrubHub, UberEats and DoorDassh


Served 11am – 3pm

Fridays & Saturdays:

11am – 4pm


11am – 4pm


Monday – Sunday:

Served Daily 4pm – hour before close


Happy Hour

Monday – Thursday:

4pm – 6pm

$2 Off draft Beers

1/2 Off Appetizers

“La Siesta” Burger with Modelo Beer

Wine Wednesdays:

All Day

50% Off all bottles of wines

Platitos (Appetizers)

Tostones $4

Four, twice-fried plantains with ajillo sauce, lime, micro cilantro (v, vg, gf). Add: Avocado (v, vg, gf) $6 / Chorizo & Avocado $9 / Camarones Creole (gf)  $9 / *Ceviche (gf) $10.

Croquetas de jamón $9

Three, Cigar-shaped fritters made of Serrano ham served with manzanilla olive aioli.

malanga fries (vg, gf) $7

Malanga fries tossed in parmesan cheese, black truffle oil, parsley, served with rotating aioli.

Empanadas $9

Three, turnover-style pastries filled with Cuban Picadillo. Served with cilantro aioli.

Gambas al Ajillo $13

Red Prawns in white wine-garlic sauce with Cuban bread & lime.

CEVICHE (gf) Market price

Chef selection of fresh seafood in a citrus marinade. (Check with your server for the current offering).

Ensalada (Salads)


Roasted root vegetables, shaved spring vegetables, pepitas, goat cheese, sofrito, greens & criollo vinaigrette. Half Portion $5. VG option without Cheese. Add choice of Protein (Chicken Confit, Camarones Creole or Chorizo) $5.

Sopas (Soups)


Black Bean soup with sofrito purée.


Cuban stew with beef, pork, chicken & tropical vegetables.


danzón cubano $11

Signature Cuban Sandwich. Mojo-braised pork, ham, Swiss cheese, house mustard, house-made pickles served on our Cuban style bread.

Jibarito (v, vg, gf) $11

Fried plantain bun with nutcase vegan chorizo, greens, grilled onions, salsa maní.

Platos fuertes (Entrees)

pescado en escabeche (gf) Market price

Chef selection of fried whole fish with escabeche salsa, spring vegetables.

Ropa vieja (gf) $16

Shredded beef, tomato-wine sauce, served with fufu and crispy malanga fries.

lechon asado (gf) $16

Mojo-braised pork, served with black bean purée, congri, and plantain croutons.

arroz con pollo (gf) $15

Confit chicken in yellow rice, seasonal vegetables, herbs & cracklings.

tamal en cazuela (v, vg, gf) $14

Cuban-style polenta, made with sofrito, mojo & shredded wild mushrooms in a tomato white wine sauce.

picadillo a la cubana (v, vg, gf) $13

Cuban spiced tofu hash (vegan) in a white wine tomato sauce, served with congri & maduros.

asado de hongos (vg, gf) $14

Braised shredded wild mushrooms with congris, black bean purée & plantain croutons.

Paella (Available after 4pm only)

The average cook time is about 25 minutes. Should your table choose this option, order as soon as you decide, allowing the kitchen time to prepare.

 Mariscos (gf) $29

Saffron rice with scallops, shrimp, calamari, octopus & mixed vegetables.

verduras (v, vg, gf) $19

Saffron rice with mixed vegetables, roasted garlic, avocado & chickpeas.

postres (Desserts)

flan $6

Cuban vanilla creme custard with caramel, casco de guayaba & shattered sugar.

pastel de queso de cabra $7

Goat cheese cake with quatre epices, chocolate brisse, espresso ganache & house made vanilla ice cream.

tartita de chocolate $7

Chocolate gâteau, chocolate mousse, tropical fruit coulis, cilantro ice cream.

PIÑA asada $7

Bruléed pineapple with Plantation Rum caramel & goat cheese chantilly.

a la carte

Maduros (v, vg, gf) $4

Sauteed Sweet Plantains.

Congri – Cuban Rice and Beans (V, VG, GF) $5

Rice and black beans cook together, which gives the rice it’s black color.
In addition it’s cooked with peppers, onions, garlic, cumin and bay leaf.

Black beans (v, vg, gf) $4

Mariquitas w/Mojo sauce $4

Plantain chips finely sliced and fried with side of Mojo Sauce (Cuban dipping sauce).