We are thrilled to offer the following catering menu for special events, office parties, graduations, holiday parties, corporate events, birthday parties and many more.

We are also able to cater wine and beer to your event. Our team is able to put together a comprehensive menu for your special event, including full course menus with wine and cocktail pairings. You can request a quote by providing your information below and one of our team members will reach out to you within 24 hours. You can also call us at (616) 988-9788 Extension 1005 to speak to someone directly about your event.

    • Platitos (Appetizers)

    • Empanadas

      $3 each

      Turnover-style pastries. Stuffing offerings are potato or picadillo/beef hash.

    • Frituras de Malanga

      $2 each

      Malanga fritters with cilantro aioli.

    • Ceviche de Gambas y Vieiras / Shrimp and Scallops Ceviche

      $35 per Pound

      Scallop and gulf shrimp cured in lime juice, with avocado, tomato and red onion.

    • Ensaladas (Salads)

    • Ensalada Mixta / Mixed Salad

      $11 per Person

      Local lettuces, red onion, cherry tomatoes, candied pecans and goat cheese with a honey balsamic vinaigrette.

    • Sopas (Soups)

    • Caldoza Soup

      $14 per Pound

      Tropical soup made with mojo-braised pork, shredded beef and various kinds of regional vegetables.

    • Potaje de Frijoles Negros / Black Bean Soup

      $10 per Pound

      Black bean stew served with white rice, cilantro and red onion.

    • Platos Fuertes (Entrees)

    • Pargo Entero al Horno / Whole Fish

      $28 each

      Whole snapper, roasted and served with lemon butter sauce.

    • Churrasco al Danzón / Danzón Steak

      $42 per Pound

      Cuban-style whole flank steak topped with house-made mojo or house-made chimichurri sauce.

    • Arroz con Pollo a la Cubana / Cuban style Chicken with Rice

      $25 per Pound

      Chicken in yellow rice and mixed vegetables.

    • Lechón Asado / Roasted Pork

      $32 per Pound

      Mojo-roasted pork served with house-made mojo or house-made chimichurri.

    • Paella de Mariscos

      $30 per Pound

      Shrimp, calamari, octopus and scallops on a bed of yellow rice with assorted vegetables.

    • Picadillo a la Cubana / Beef Hash

      $30 per Pound

      Traditional Cuban beef hash in a white wine tomato sauce.

    • Especialidades (Specialties)

    • Pork Back Ribs or Beef Flanken-style Ribs

      $13 per pound

      Marinated in mojo sauce and slow roasted.

    • Lechon Entero / Whole Roasted Pork

      Market Price per Pound

      Whole roasted suckling pig with roasted vegetables and black beans with white rice (Congri).

    • Pollo Entero

      $16 each

      Whole spatchcocked chicken, roasted and served with yellow rice.

    • A La Carte

    • Congri/Cuban Black Beans and Rice

      $12 per Pound

      White rice and Cuban-style black beans.

    • Black Beans

      $8 per Pound

      Cuban-style black beans.

    • Mariquitas con Mojo / Crispy Plantains with Tangy Garlic Sauce

      $4 per Person

      Thinly sliced plantain chips with house-made mojo criollo.

    • Maduros/Sweet Plantains

      $8 per Pound

      Caramelized sweet plantains.

    • Cuban Bread

      $3 per Person

      Served with Salsa Maní.

    • White Rice

      $6 per pound

      Steamed white rice.

    • Postres (Desserts)

    • Flan

      $6 each

      Cuban vanilla creme custard with caramel, casco de guayaba & shattered sugar.

    • Pastelitos de Timba / Timba Cakes

      $6 each

      Puff pastry stuffed with seasonal fruits and cream cheese in a guava glaze.

    • Pie de Queso de Cabra / Goat Cheese Cheesecake

      $7 each

      Warm-spiced cheesecake, chocolate crust and dark chocolate-espresso sauce.